BNN Funding Offers Marketing Solutions, Organically

I first met Patrick Kitano, CEO of the crowdfunding services company BNN Funding, at a crowdfunding conference last year. My first impression was that he seemed a bit of an outsider.

Kitano has a lot of ideas that stray from the narrative of your average crowdfunding industry professional. For example, he doesn’t believe the current system of uploading campaigns onto crowdfunding portals is sustainable.

That’s because today’s model relies almost completely on DIY marketing. It’s a tough barrier for many individuals and organizations with a slim-to-nonexistent digital footprint, especially in the nonprofit and social enterprise sectors, the areas of BNN Funding’s focus.

For those who do pay for marketing support, whether it’s for expediency or as a desperate attempt to change the tide when a campaign stalls, the question everyone should be asking is whether these agencies actually can provide the type of dedicated and consistent promotion they promise, and a campaign needs, and how.

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