How to Create an Effective Twitter Profile for Your Crowdfunding Campaign

Everyone has their own sniff test for which Twitterers we deem worth a return follow. If your profile makes me laugh it’s pretty much guaranteed you are in. Click on the image to see the follow request I woke up to this morning:



Is it just me or are there some words that have theĀ  same kind of juvenile power over us they did when were were about six years old? The word butt can still make me snicker and snort.

I followed. Then I had to go the campaign.and check it out. (Plus tweet it so others might enjoy a chuckle.)

Big Ass Rainbow is a nicely conceived art book idea by Josh Kraus, a young writer from Philadelphia. Kraus taps into the power and the universal truths behind (a pun!) the word butt and how we offhandedly use it in our everyday language, then elevates it into a collaborative art project. Check it out. According to Kicktraq they’re killing it so far.

Click on the image for my notes on some stuff he does well.

Big Ass Rainbow

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