Crowdfunding4All, The Turbo-Charged Search Engine with Benefits

Crowdfunding relies on support from the crowd, and social media is the tool to get the job done. This is currently one the biggest obstacles to crowdfunding success, which is why creative minds have been hard at work developing workarounds to level the playing field.

One of them is CF4All. I’ve been circling them since The Crowdfundamentals wrote about the search engine when they debuted last fall, curious about the status of their “find it, fund it, smarter & faster” tag, and anxious to point users their way.

They’ve been in no hurry for press, however; instead they’ve been busy building a database they call a “crowd-powered search and analytics network,” a melding of cross-platform project search with crowd wisdom. (Whether by design or not, currently searching for failed campaigns can be a futile task on major crowdfunding platforms, which makes it difficult for backers to make informed decisions and project creators hard-pressed to do detailed research before launching. Finding niche platforms that might be a perfect match for you is equally challenging.)

These vital missing pieces of marketing intelligence — funding and user data, and real-time insights — is what CF4All believe will be the game changer in the increasingly competitive environment crowdfunding has become.

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