Doing a Search of All Types of Crowdfunding Just Got Easier

Tip of the Week

Holla to my pal Alex Feldman over at Crowdunite, the crowdfunding platform review site, for directing me to a crowdfunding search engine called Crowdrabbit. Though it was launched in December it flew under my radar until I read an item about it in Alex’s newsletter. So I went to check it out and realized that though they are still young, they are beginning to gain some traction.

What is Crowdrabbit?logo-onwhite-ae7919d53e3028031fa58d8368234a48

Crowdrabbit is a search engine that bridges the gap between the entrepreneur and her investors by aggregating platforms across crowdfunding types. That means that you now have one-stop shopping regardless if you want to do a simpler deep dive into rewards- or donation-based crowdfunding, or you want to study up on equity, debt or real estate investing.

Why is this important?

If it’s been said once it’s been said more times than I can count: You’ve simply got to find and study other projects similar to yours before you launch. Besides FunderCloud, an app that allows you to search Indiegogo and Kickstarter at the same time, the only way to do that (especially if you don’t want the mobile experience) has been to schlep to other crowdfunding platforms and do a keyword search at each of them. This can be tedious, so it’s way too often left undone. Well, now you have no excuses for not doing your homework.

Not to mention investor support

Besides offering a lot of support to project creators—a position most crowdfunding blogs take—in their you’ll also find helpful investor/backer tips on what to be on the lookout for, good and bad, so you can choose wisely. As all manner of crowdfunding continues to grow and dominate, learning how to be a a savvy investor is a much-needed safeguard in the crowdfunding ecosystem.

Like all aggregator tools, which are only useful as their directory is comprehensive, Crowdrabbit isn’t there yet. But it is definitely filling a vacuum and the more users lean on it the more likely their team is to continue to make improvements, increase functionality and bring value.

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