Google Tricks of the Trade You May Not Know About

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No question Google is smart, but maybe not the brainiac we think it has become. To get us up to speed on tips and pointers to make searching more targeted, a site called came up with a cheat sheet to help you find the relevant search results we all crave, pronto.

I was somewhat underwhelmed by some on the list. The first tip, for example, advises uses quoting around exact phrases. But keep reading! You’re in for a big surprise by all the nuggets of valuable pointers further down.

Here are some of the highlights from their findings, followed by the fantastic infographic they created for our convenience. Print it out! Commit it to memory. Just use the pointers and you’ll get where you’re going much faster.

Getting Results from certain domains

Let’s say you want to research the competition on Kickstarter for standing desks, because you’re considering running a crowdfunding campaign for yours.

Here’s how you would ask Google:

Standing desks

This is page one of a total of 1,460 results”

standing desks - Google Search 2015-01-23 11-50-06

Finding Content to URL You already know

Since we’re on the topic of infographics, let’s use the example provided. is a data and visualization and infographics platform. What to search for similar sites to, say, compare features?

Here’s how you ask Google:

This is the page with it 48 related sites - Google Search 2015-01-23 12-23-06

Other Google Search Tricks

It doesn’t just stop at search terms, with Google Goggles you can find the name of an item just by taking a picture of the item you want to search for on your phone and then voilà! You’ve got your results. Here’s how to download Goggles and examples of how it works.

Check out the Full Infographics
How to be a Google Power User - Via Who Is Hosting This: The Blog



  1. These are handy tricks to know, very useful. I didn’t know a lot of these, and I think many people don’t too. Thanks!

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