How Facebook Can Support Crowdfunding Efforts

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Different social networks require unique messaging techniques designed, timed, crafted, and suited to that particular platform. If you want to maximize response and conversion rates you can’t just throw some stuff up. Like everything related to marketing, a strategy is in order to do it right.

Since Facebook often seems like a big messy room I’m reluctant to enter, I found this infographic by TrackMaven, a site dedicated to making you a more competitive digital marketer, extremely helpful.

After analyzing exactly 5,804 Facebook brand pages and 1,578,006 posts and then putting the information into their data grinder —that’s the my informal term for doing math that’s beyond my comprehension and pay grade—these guys really managed to clear the clutter and explain Facebook’s needs that’s not only simple and concise—something I’ve never said about Facebook before—but also seems very doable.

Try incorporating these simple-to-follow—and very surprising—data points and see if you don’t lure your users one  very important click closer to your crowdfunding campaign. (Highlights below and infographic follows.)

Character count: a good Facebook post is around 60,000 characters and if your post is over 80 words your response rate improves by 80%.

Visuals: images garner 37% more engagement

Best hours: posts published between 5pm – 1am Eastern time get 11% more interaction, than those published during the work day (8am – 5pm) and 29% more than those published before work, 1am – 8am.

Weekends: Less than 18% of content is posted on weekends, but weekend content sees the most engagement

 How-to of engagement:  “likes” are the most common way to socially engage, accounting for 87%, 5% accounts for comments and 8% for shares

Time and days matter: Thursday is the big day on Facebook, weighing it at 16.82% posts, and lunchtime is the favorite time

The hashtag: these posts see 60% more interaction

The exclamation point: as much as I hate to report this, it seems the exclamation point is seen as being positive. Use them and see 2.7% more interaction

The big question: ask a question and see your interaction increase by 23% on average

The Nuts and Bolts of a Perfect Facebook Post – An infographic by the team at TrackMaven



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    This is Kara, the Content Marketing Maven at TrackMaven. Thanks for featuring our infographic!

    The embed code on the blog post ( should now be operational. If you have any further issues, feel free to email me at kara(at)trackmaven(dot)com.



    • Thank you, Kara. Not having it forced me to synthesize the infographic for readers. Now they’ll just click on your link to see the real thing. It’s great information!

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