What is Jelly’s Role? Whatever You Want it to Be

Have you heard about Jelly, the new social question-and-answer app created by Twitter co-founder Biz Stone? It’s based on the “strength of weak ties” theory, which basically says weak ties are better at reaching populations and audiences that are not accessible via strong ties.

Here’s a quick tutorial. Download the free app on your iPhone or Android mobile device and you’re prompted to connect to Facebook friends and Twitter followers. (More networks to follow, they say.)

To ask a visual question, you can take a photo or choose among suggested images based on your question. The query will go to your networks’ Jelly users.

To answer questions, tap the icon on the top left. Questions will appear in a queue. You can swipe the question away, star it if you want find out what other people say, answer it, or forward it to your non-Jelly network.

Many a digerati have already weighed in that given the array of social networks, niche forums, and groups we already go to for feedback, what’s the point? It’s true that the app is still so new that a lot of the questions are actually questions about ways to use Jelly.

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