The crowdfunding space is still very new. Many people know a little about it but not enough to confidently launch a campaign. No matter what level of support you will need, as a crowdfunding consultant my first steps will be to help you get clarity on what you would like to achieve. Because of my background, and because I believe crowdfunding is first and foremost about telling a compelling story, a part of that may be to help you find your voice.

Then we will work on creating a unified strategy around your project, determining what  tactical steps you will need to have in place before your launch. During the entire process I will guide and coach you, helping you to grow  your own confidence so that by launch time you are a pro!

Speed Consulting

If you would like me to assess your project and give you targeted feedback,  we can arrange a 30-minute telephone or Skype session during which time I can give you my evaluation on what your campaign needs. If the campaign is up and running this means I will study your page and report my findings. For those in pre-launch mode I will provide you a list of diagnostic questions about your crowdfunding in advance. Then,  based on your responses I will advise you.

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Video Series

This 6-part online series can be viewed on Udemy, here. It covers the following:

Working the Crowd: Overview

This session should  be considered an A-Z on how to crowdfund. You will learn about it from historical context and then we will touch on all the necessary elements any good crowdfunding campaign should address. These elements are then broken down in the subsequent workshops. The session was filmed in front of a live audience of social impact organizations.

Effective Storytelling That Inspires Backers

Compelling others to want to share your project is crucial to crowdfunding success. This workshop will help you identify the elements of good storytelling in crowdfunding projects through case studies and how-to instruction. Upon completion you will have the facts, examples and insights you need in order to design a story that will inspire your followers and encourage them to share it with their followers.

Perfecting the Pitch Video

An effective crowdfunding video is an essential component to your crowdfunding campaign. In this workshop we will demystify the process of creating your own crowdfunding pitch video and debunk some myths about costs, technology and what constitutes acceptable production values. It’s easier than you think to create a highly effective crowdfunding pitch video. Through case studies and how-to instruction, upon completion of this workshop you will be fully prepared to create an inspiring pitch video.

Creating an Effective Social Media Strategy

Crowdfunding would not be possible without the power of social media. In this workshop you will learn about all the most popular platforms and the importance of identifying and targeting which ones your audience uses. You will then learn tips and best practices on how to build your online presence to create a strategy that will inspire your target audience to action. Upon completion you will be well on your way to building a robust social media network in preparation for your crowdfunding campaign.

Secrets to Gaining Media Attention

Finding and securing media attention for your crowdfunding campaign will dramatically improve your chances for success. Once you know the steps you can build meaningful relationships that could garner you press. In this workshop a clear strategy is outlined on how to find media outlets, vet them, and then write winning correspondences that will make you stand out from the crowd. We’ll explore best practices for approaching the media, describe what works, what doesn’t, and why. Upon completion of this workshop you will have the facts, examples and insights to create an effective media campaign for your crowdfunding project.

A Strategy and Management for Success

This session offers a step-by-step path to creating a dynamic campaign, from pre-launch to fulfillment. We’ll put the microscope on strategy by naming and organizing your team, determining a funding goal, how to choose perks, and targeting your audience. Then we’ll learn about keeping communication and momentum going during your campaign, and managing post-campaign responsibilities. Upon completion you will have a blueprint to follow with a step-by-step checklist. Through case studies you will learn best practices, and you will be provided with resources to the best productivity tools to utilize.

Jumpstart Basic

Note! I will be running a special offer the first week of every month: Buy Jumpstart Basic and get my six-part online crowdfunding classes for free! View classes first and see above for class details. Classes are over three hours of content plus helpful additional resources you’ll need for success. Stand-alone price for this series is $49.

Crowdfunding is not a one-size-fits-all method of raising capital. Each project has different needs. You will be asked to fill out a set of diagnostic questions, which are devised to really make you think through your goals.  We will then arrange to discuss issues related to your campaign during subsequent sessions. You can break these down in any way you want but the total time is approximately 2 hours. I will be available for occasional email questions during the course of your pre-launch efforts.

If you would like further assistance in particular areas of your future campaign, we can discuss a fee structure for each component. See below for details.

Jumpstart Premium

Sometimes you need an extra level of support in certain areas of your crowdfunding campaign. Because my focus in on storytelling, communications, and messaging. We can arrange in-depth assistance in components related to these areas. They may include:


  • Narrative pitch (includes interviewing and editing)
  • Communications collateral materials such as press releases, and emails
  • Reviewing and editing only

Media Outreach Support:

  • Strategy creation
  • Insider tips on how to find media and influencers
  • Video script concepting
  • Video scriptwriting

Costs on established on a per-needs basis.

Jumpstart Group
$25 Per Person

The Crowdfundamentals will bring pre-launch to post-campaign workshops to your team, staff or place of work. ($25 per person)

Pitch Video
$500 Starting Price

Creating a successful pitch video does not have to break the bank–if you know what you’re doing.  The Crowdfundamentals can take care of your video production needs, too.

My partner Peter Hawley is a filmmaker with over 25 years industry experience. He is also the Academic Dean in one of the most progressive media arts colleges in the country. As a writer, Rose Spinelli has video and film writing experience as well. Because of our backgrounds, and because we have a network of filmmakers located in cities around the country, we can work with you to create a video with the right tone that suits your campaign’s personality, stellar production values, and a high  level of professionalism. We offer full-service pitch video creation, from pre- to post-production, including video concepting, and scriptwriting.

Basic costs begin at $500. Contact us for details at 773-417-6730.


  • I do not accept payment based on a percentage if you reach your goal.
  • I do not manage campaigns.