A Spring Crowdfunding Review

Tip of the Week

Spring is a time for fresh starts and new beginnings. To clear your mind and plant seeds for positive growth, I’ve assembled a quick pre-launch crowdfunding checklist review. Because sometimes, you just have to go back to the basics.

Ask yourself: “Who would benefit from my campaign?”
If your answer is “everyone,” you’ve got work ahead of you. Crowdfunding works when you laser focus on your target audiences. Using social media, zero in on your target groups and then use the communication channels they frequent to reach them. If your traffic comes from sharing on Facebook through mobile devices, for example, use mobile apps. I found a helpful infographic for the best outreach times.

Research and learn
It shouldn’t be the case that I know more about crowdfunding projects similar to yours than you do. Find, research, and analyze what worked and what didn’t and learn from their experience. If you’re using Kickstarter, here’s some helpful guidance.

Form a team
Crowdfunding is a team sport that works best when your team members are performing tasks they are good at and enjoy. Here’s a fun way to match team member with skill sets to perform tasks effectively.

Partner up
The more you can amplify your message the more your crowdfunding campaign will thrive. Look for other live projects for possible cross-promotion opportunities. Again for Kickstarter users, here’s a good place to start.

Get to know the media
There are endless tools to identify the media. Here’s a current darling for Twitter users. Make sure you find them in advance. Don’t wait until you find yourself murmuring ‘uh-oh’ because your campaign has no traction.

Communicate effectively
If you do a poor job at targeting you will be greeted by silence. Here’s why.

To continue reading please go this crowdsourcing.org and this week’s installment from my Tip of the Week Column.


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