Need Help Developing and Designing Your Crowdfunding Idea?

Lately I’ve been telling just about everybody I know how shocked I am that no one has yet come up with a audio version of the digital video recorder (DVR).

Think about it: You’re driving in your car with the windows down listening to [insert your favorite radio show]. At exactly the moment someone delivers the line that will keep the thread to the story going, a truck whizzes by and you’ve missed it. There’s no way to turn back! No rewind button. On TV it’s so easy to recapture a moment, or fast forward through commercials. Why has someone not taken on this challenge?

I’m a girl with an idea but no design talent. If I knew how to make a digital audio recorder (I’ve already named my homeless DAR) I’d be crowdfunding for it faster than you could say….crowdfunding.

I have to believe there are others like me: people with good ideas who would love to jump into crowdfunding but lack the expertise outside our natural skill set to get the job done. Cardboard Helicopter  may be the helping hand you need to get that great idea out of your head and into 3-D prototype. I had a recent back and forth with CEO Tim Hayes about the firm’s work. Here are the highlights.Cardboard Helicopter clear background

As a product development and industrial design firm, why did you decide to expand into the crowdfunding space?

Well we’re a boutique-style design firm so we don’t have a lot of overhead to deal with. This allows us to be able to assist smaller businesses and inventors who might not be able to afford what the large product development firms charge. So it made sense to open up our services to inventors and the crowdfunding universe.

What are some of the pitfalls facing project creators does Cardboard Helicopter address?

There are many great ideas being developing through crowdfunding platforms, but the key is being able to communicate the concept in a simple, yet visually-appealing manner. We see a lot of failed projects that never really had a chance due to their unclear campaign pages or crude prototypes. We help provide the “wow” factor and give suggestions regarding ergonomics and usability, while being attentive to manufacturing requirements.

Besides working with folks who have a great idea for a product but no expertise, how do you see yourselves fitting into the pre-launch phase of a campaign?

One of our areas of expertise is taking an initial idea and transforming it into aesthetically-pleasing, user-focused designs. The industrial design process is very thoughtful and meticulous, and requires many iterations before the product is ready to be unveiled to the world. We’ve assisted many individuals that wish to use crowdfunding to help launch their product. We work closely with them every step of the way, from concept sketching to full 3D CAD (computer-aided design) and prototyping.

Do you work with project creators beyond pre-launch?

Presently, most of our time and energy goes into the development of products, as well as marketing our own in-house creations, so we currently don’t offer anything post-launch.

How does your company differ from other similar firms?

Our limitless imagination allows us to create amazing, innovative products. I think the older we get, a lot of us lose the ability to think without boundaries, much like a child would. Our entire company is based off of this idea. Also, as I stated earlier, our business model is built on efficiency and allows us to accommodate budgets that most other professional design firms can’t match. Instead of getting your project placed in a queue, and having one designer work on your idea over the course of months, we tackle each project as a team. Several designers and a marketing team work in unison to make sure all our client’s needs are met within a reasonable time frame.

Can we see a sample of your work?

This is a rendering of Latch, the clip-on speaker allows you to attach device to virtually any object, providing sound and backup power source where ever you go.Latch
What’s next for Cardboard Helicopter?

We are just a few weeks away from launching our first crowdfunding campaign, through Kickstarter. It is healthy-living device that will be made here in the US, and promotes the importance of using water and other natural ingredients. We’re very excited about it and are confident it will be successful! Once we go through the entire process, we’d love to share our experiences and provide advice for your followers.