One Big Reason You Should Start Using Twitter Before You Crowdfund

Tip of the Week

The announcement came last month that Google and Twitter have partnered up. Twitter has given Google access to its data stream to index tweets, which will allow the search engine to display your tweets in its results in real time. That’s quite a boon for crowdfunders, in my opinion.

This is actually a rekindling of an old relationship between the two behemoths, which expired in 2011.

The effects of the implementation will likely not be in full evidence for up to six month, the time it will take for both companies to figure out how to prep and utilize the data.

During that time Twitter users should be prepping, too, so that your tweets will start showing up in Google’s results pages right away. How do you prove your tweet value to Google? By maximizing engagement, which is the first step in alerting Google that you’re producing high-value tweets. (Spammers need not apply.)

For active Twitter users this means your presence is going to be more felt. For those who wonder why they should be using Twitter, this is a good enough reason to start on the right foot.

Stone Temple Consulting Inc. recently did a study in which they analyzed over 4 million tweets. (I also recommend you read Stone Temple’s analysis on how the new deal will affect SEO.)

For the time-challenged or visually inclined, here’s their four-minute explainer video:

From that study here’s a summary of the factors they find most important:

  1. Inclusion of media (images or video) – also broken out by number of pieces of media
  2. Character count
  3. Inclusion of Hashtags – also broken out by number of hashtags
  4. Hashtag length
  5. Inclusion of Links – also broken out by number of links
  6. The Domain Authority of the shared link
  7. Time of Day
  8. Inclusion of Mentions – also broke out by number of mentions

So if Twitter is not yet a social media platform of choice for you, consider making it a priority within the next six months. If you plan to crowdfund, it might help you amplify your campaign.



How to Find Influential Bloggers

Tip of the Week

Before you can woo your influencers you have to find them. Here are some sites that will help.


images-2 uses Technorati Authority to measure a site’s standing and influence within its category in the blogosphere. You can see the top-ranked sites in the overall Blogosphere at Technorati Top100 and the top sites in each category in the Blog Directory.


index is a blog content search engine and aggregator founded by social media maven and author Guy Kawasaki. Alltop doesn’t just allow anyone to be listed. They require an approval process, which speaks to the quality, and therefore reach, of the bloggers found here.



Feedly.comis an agreggator tool that organizes and stays up to date with the latest posts from blogs in your industry. It also organizes them so you can access them on mobile devices. The web-based RSS feed will be replacing Google Reader when it retires in July.

Here’s a recent review by the New York Times technology writer David Pogue.


analytics.topsy.com_small is a good social-search alternative (to Twitter search function) for finding Twitter content. It supplies real-time analytics by indexing and ranking them based on the most influential conversations. You can search by industry, products, or technology to find trends or authors who is likely to write on that topic.



Apparently Topsy doesn’t search Google+ very well, so you should also use the google+ interface to do the same searches.


images-1 shouldn’t be underestimated. It’s the 2nd largest search engine in the world but ranks its results differently than Google. So you can use the same search strings but get additional results.