Three Sites That Support Your Crowdfunding Effort

Each day seems to bring news of the launch of yet another tool, site, or market to aid and support a benevolent crowdfunding-industrial complex. It’s such a chore to keep up, I’m amazed I ever get any work done! Oh yeah, silly me. I guess that is my work.

Here are three sites worth a follow that help champion, promote and facilitate the crowdfunding ecosystem through education, and they do it inventively.

Forever Geek Kickstarter Store is new to the space. Up since November, it is a resource for geek fans that want to track down the geeky-cool indie products that have been funded on Kickstarter. Though they carefully research and catalog products in an array of categories, you can’t actually buy anything there. Instead there’s a ‘Buy now’ link that directs users to the site where the product can be purchased.

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Crowdfunding P.R. on a Budget

Tip of the Week

Don’t have a budget to hire a publicist to write your P.R?

Crowdfunders get another DIY champion with the newly launched (yesterday, to be exact) CrowdfundingPR. The free site allows bootstrappers and creatives to circumvent publicists and paid press release sites by providing online real estate to showcase your campaign.

Follow the easy instructions and you’ll maximize search engine visibility and have a ready-made link to provide your influencers. CrowdfundingPR uses a voting system to encourage views, and best of all it creates another viable, built-in community where projects can be shared.

The site was created by entrepreneur and crowdfunding enthusiast Salvador Briggman who also hosts Kickstarter Forum, a community designed to give campaigners a place to share and learn, and a blog.