Try Response Campaigning to Get Media Attention

Getting media to notice you and give you some precious column space isn’t a pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey enterprise. It takes laser targeting, focus, and dedicated commitment of your time.

“Response campaigning” is something every project creator should include as part of their pre-launch strategy. Just like it sounds, it involves putting the object of your attention (the niche blogger, like-minded influencer, or journalist of a big fancy magazine that covers your topic) on your reading list. Then:

1) Read them religiously, analytically, thoughtfully.

2) On a regular basis—but in a way that will not appear as spamming, which it won’t because you will have followed the advice noted in #1 carefully—comment on their posts or articles.

3) Rinse and repeat for at least one-to-two months.

4) Don’t’ take the casual language I used in #3 as a sign you can call this in. Challenge yourself to be as memorable as possible.

  • Here’s how you don’t want to be memorable: by sounding like a know-it-all, or being snarky, or offensive.


  • Here’s how you do want to be memorable: cite a stat, fact, or a point of view that may not have appeared in the article.

5. It is perfectly acceptable if your comment is in disagreement with the author’s thesis, as long as you’re presenting it in a way that telegraphs your deep insights into the topic at hand.

6. Continue this process and soon you will probably get a response comment from the author to your comment. Now your response campaign is in full swing. The author knows who you are and appreciates the value you add. You are now considered a “source.”

7. Begin to add other blogs or publications to your hit list, following the above steps. (The good news is that bloggers and journalists that cover the same topic usually read other bloggers and journalists in the same beat.)

8. In the meantime, I bet your confidence will have taken a nice upward trajectory, too, which may inspire you to begin creating your own content! When that happens you’re going to start being known as somewhat of an expert, slowly making headway into thought leadership territory.

Trade secret that shouldn’t be a secret at all: Journalists and bloggers get their story ideas from people like you; interesting stories don’t magically flutter freely in their psyche like confetti.

9. Now that you’ve got the credibility, the tables will turn and, having read something of import they found that you wrote, these reporters will start knocking on your door asking you for an interview or a key quote. It really does happen. I’ve been interviewed by three publications just in the past couple of weeks.

10. With your diligence, quality content, and patience, your response campaigning is now a success!

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This article originally appeared on my LinkedIn blog.