PressFriendly: A Virtual PR Firm for Tech Startups

You are a bootstrapped tech startup. You need PR. Would you retain a PR agency? Joel Andren, co-founder of PressFriendly, the newest kid on the block to tackle this much-debated topic, interviewed over 200 founders and asked about their experiences using traditional PR firms.

The responses were not promising: “The takeaway was that PR is necessary to getting their story out in ‘earned media,’ but their return on investment was not good.”

Since ignoring the media is not an option, and media blasts just don’t work, PressFriendly set about creating a software-drive virtual PR agency that is more in line with ROI.

Launched just under two months ago, PressFriendly was designed to help users plan and build their story, and then send it out to targeted media through a “machine learning” system — software that was trained to mine data and find matches between the pitcher and the pitched. Think of it as the CRM system for public relations.

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