Crowdfunding for US Veterans? Here’s a Way to Get the Word Out

Tip of the Week


Remember Bob Woodruff ? He is the journalist who worked as co-anchor for ABC News until he was hit by a roadside bomb while on assignment in Iraq, in 2006. His head injuries left him with lingering aphasia, the loss or inability to express speech.

He may no longer be sitting behind the big desk but he’s far from off duty. According to the site, the Bob Woodruff Foundation’s mission is to “ensure that injured veterans and their families are thriving long after they return home.”BWF_stacked_lockup_outlines

With so many crowdfunding campaigns and organizations dedicated to similar missions, we know there are cracks in the system. In order to redress this in a creative way, the Foundation is requesting your stories in a project called “Writing for Heroes.

It is our hope that we can expand the conversation, through Writing for Heroes, a collection of stories by our team and those we work with: grantees, caregivers, family members, and of course, those who have served.

I would encourage anyone who is thinking about running a crowdfunding campaign that will help veterans to write and submit a story. Whether you’re the injured veteran, a family member of one, or even if you heard a story from someone that was especially moving to you, please commit it to print and send it in.

Story has the power to heal. And it also has the power to raise capital. And please send this to anyone you know who might benefit.

 —Remember, only 1% of American citizens serve in our all-volunteer army.