Here’s How to Make One Dollar Donations Add Up!

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Historically, crowdfunding had been a project-based method for raising capital. To qualify, your idea needed to have a beginning, middle, and an end.

When Patreon came along last year, it shook up the status quo by offering a much-needed alternative for artists and content creators that have ongoing financial needs. Patreon users set the terms of the perks at various payment levels, with the typical 5 percent going to the platform.

Right around that time, YouTube also launched its own paid prescription plan. Content creators have to have at least 10,000 subscribers and users that subscribed could view the content on various platforms and devices.

Between these options and hundreds of crowfunding platforms, competition is stiff for market share. But that didn’t deter the founders of TapRaise, the self-described “everyday crowdfunding,” Brooklyn-based startup for anyone seeking ongoing support for his or her work.

Their confidence stems from the simplicity and streamlined use of its flagship product, the “Give a Dollar” button.

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All Kidding Aside, Lesko Free Radio Nets You Media Exposure

f you’re 30-ish or so and partial to late-night TV you probably recognize Matthew Lesko. You know, the guy in the infomercials wearing a neon “question mark” suit and David Byrne silver spikes while gesticulating wildly about how to get free money from the government.

Yes, that guy to the right.Lesko






Lesko has faced his share of controversy for his style. But the advent of the Internet coupled with the popularity for crowdfunding has done their part to help launch Lesko’s second act.

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How to Create a Custom Thumbnail for Your Pitch Video

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You’ve seen them. Maybe you’ve been a victim yourself. I’m referring to that dreaded freeze frame you see on many campaign videos that look like this:

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