Bill Baykan
Crowdfundamentals.com provides the absolute best introduction to crowdfunding that I have found. Ms. Spinelli builds a solid framework and then, step-by-step, fills in the details — and her experience shows. She covers all the important questions: how much to fund, how long to run your campaign, how to build a social media campaign, and more. The videos are fun, fast and informative. Her website shares deep content and real world examples, and offers resources to everyone, from beginner to expert. I learned much that was new, and many of my hunches were confirmed. Almost immediately, you will start making smarter crowdfunding decisions. My current film project has already benefited.

Bill Baykan
Filmmaker, Faculty, Film & Broadcast
Tribeca-Flashpoint Media Arts Academy

Heather Eisenstadt
Rose Spinelli is truly a crowdfunding expert! She personally reviewed my campaign and made several suggestions that were EXTREMELY HELPFUL IN STRENGTHENING MY CONTENT. One of these included promoting a portion of my project that was fully funded as evidence of reaching a successful milestone. That alone saved me from making what could have been a costly mistake. Rose gave me several insights into reaching out to potential backers as well as choosing the right platform for my project. Should I crowdfund again I would certainly look to Rose for her help and guidance. While many claim to be crowdfunding experts, Rose really knows what she’s doing.

Heather Eisenstadt
Creator, Producer
Pets Welcome Here TV

Jennifer Whaley
I got on the phone with Rose feeling lost and left the conversation with tough work to do, but I knew it was right; the peace that comes with that is worth the work and her advice is worth the world! Sure, we have the internet and we can research and read all we can get our hands on, but there’s nothing that compares to having a conversation with an expert. I’m so thankful for having had the ability to speak with and ask pointed questions to someone who’s been there; someone who’s not only experienced failures and successes, but has also studied the reasons for the outcomes and has implemented and proven strategies as a result. Rose’s knowledge cancels out dozens of hours of research. I can tell you this because I did what I considered to be due diligence and I came up with a plan. Within minutes of speaking with Rose, I knew I needed a new plan and I knew exactly what questions I needed to answer. The consultation I had with her actually led us to find an alternate solution to crowd funding. I’m positive that had I not sought Rose’s advisement I would have gone through a whole lot of work and frustration to come to the same conclusion. Along the way I also would have used a lot of favors that we all know are invaluable for startups. I can’t recommend her services enough.

Jennifer Whaley
Photographer & Owner, Fetch Portraits
Creator, Pose a Pet™

Matthew Hunter
Rose Spinelli’s crowdfunding workshop was inspiring and very informative. Our workshop had 13 participants—some with no experience in crowdfunding and a few who had already jumped in on their own, with mixed results. Rose provided a compelling presentation that met everyone where they were at in terms of their experience with crowdfunding, and was able to lay out a strategy for research, planning and implementation. Several participants are in the process of launching a project within the next quarter. I look forward to bringing Rose back to Northwest Indiana before the end of the year to provide more insights and feedback on our projects before we launch.

Matt Hunter, Principal
McShane, Hunter & Associates, LLC