Two Good Blog for Pre- and Post-Launch Insights

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There are two steps that crowdfunders seem tempted to gloss over. The first is the labor-intensive but massively beneficial pre-launch stretch that, when unattended to, can leave the unprepared in the dust.

The other is the fulfillment process. Prepping for it entails an organized and accurate assessment of costs, time, and labor commitments, and an accurate estimate for delivery.

The more due diligence and research and you conduct in these areas, the more likely you are to dodge bullets and avoidable headaches that can pound your pocketbook in equal measure.

Here are two sites whose entire reason for being is pre- and post-campaign work. Though you probably have heard of them, you may not be aware that they have logged some very informative blog posts. Often data-driven and quite granular, keep them on your radar and it will pay off. Sure, other blogs cover the pre- and post-launch intervals. But if you have a broken foot who would your rather see, a podiatrist or a general practitioner?

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