How to Use Soft Skills to Boost Audience Support

 Tip of the Week

Have you seen this video making the rounds? It’s called ExFEARiential and it’s a parody on making memorable branding.

Pretty great, right? It got me thinking how high the stakes have gotten when it comes to capturing the attention of an audience in the crowded space of online fundraising. Most of us have the inclination to go the earnest route. This is probably because we hear over and over again how important it is to gain an audience’s trust.

But trust encompasses many things, and you can gain trust through well-developed soft skills—those personality traits that can include qualities like friendliness, optimism, and being comfortable in your own skin. Feeling a little awkward? Use that in a positive way.

Humor is a great soft skill to nurture. So if you have a product or idea that lends itself to some well-placed humor, I say go for it.  Here are some examples to aspire to.

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