This Valentine’s Day Show Some #CrowdfundingBackerLove

Tip of the Week

Everyone’s always focusing on the needs of the crowdfunding project creator. Whatever they desire, there are multitudes of blogs and articles and expert tips to feed their creative juices and eventually their coffers.

But what about the people who make the project creators’ dreams come true?

Don’t they deserve some love? Don’t they give freely without any strings attached? Don’t they wait patiently wondering when and if the project they backed will turn into something tangible that will be delivered on their doorstep? Don’t they trust it will look as cool in person as it did online?

This Valentine’s week, in honor of the underappreciated masses who Tweet, Like, and +1 on behalf of all those campaign creators, selflessly widening their circle of support,  Tweet: #crowdfundingbackerlove.



Call it a run-up to Valentine’s Day for the crowdfunding community. Do your part and spread the love to backers everywhere.

To that end, here are some tips to make the lives of all the backers out there a little sweeter.

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