Who’s Got the Crowd Investor-Consumer’s Back?

Tip of the Week

The first post of the New Year should mark time in a special way. That’s why I’m excited that I get to write about Dara Albright’s inaugural column on Crowdfundinsider called Crowd-Investors Corner.

What’s unique about Dara’s tips column is that she is filling a vacuum in the crowdfunding and crowdfinance ecosystem that’s way overdue. While there is no shortage of information that is designed to help the entrepreneur get a leg up on how to navigate the industry and ensure the best chance of success, barely a pixel is given to assisting the investor/consumers—end users, all of us—on how to spend our money wisely.

But the news gets better. images

Because while there are plenty of articles out there generating industry information, Dara is in a bit of a class of her own. She’s a Wall Street insider when it comes to know-how but an outsider when it comes to financial innovation. Pretty much every Big Thing that’s gone down in the industry, she’s had a hand in: from producing events to driving the political discourse of the JOBS Act.

But broad knowledge aside, to me what makes her work memorable is that she’s a bridge builder who’s not afraid to be provocative. In other words, she’s interesting, and in a sea of vanilla information sometimes you get desperate to find a real voice. I know I do!

Of course the win-win here is going to be that through Dara’s column, entrepreneurs and innovators will have yet another opportunity learn, to get inside the heads of the investors and consumers, which will drive them to higher standards.

So bookmark the page! I look forward to installments that I’m sure will be as eclectic as they are edifying.

Happy learning. Happy New Year.

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